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"I’m not black…"

Good God.

ur black

how tragic

This is tragic ! Smh

this really is sad smfh!

Couldn’t get all the way through listening to this girl’s ignorance.

The ignorance of today’s youth

Half these people wouldn’t be able to live in Barbados lol at least 75% of our population is black. I honestly don’t see how it’s 2014 and people are still segregating themselves.

This makes me think of “Brown Skin Lady - Blackstar”. These kids have been so conditioned by their society that they hate apart of themselves say racist shit like this to people the same skin color and don’t see that it is a racist mentality. I know this is about blacks slandering other blacks but I think this shows how easy it could be for not just whites but anyone living in our society to be a racist. We got a long way to go as a species

"Even my conditioning has been conditioned"

Bitch you black when a white mf see you he’s not going to think oh I wonder what she’s mixed with? He is going to call you a nigga in his book! I hate young black kids now and days because they all want to be mixed with everything but African American. I’ll tell you straight up ya I’m African American there’s no shame in my race, yes we have a lot of black folk that don’t have the common sense God have them but every race have those few that they try not to claim.


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